[Video] Combat Expat Assignment Failure: Talk by InterNations Business Solutions Head

01 Mar 2019

Theresa Häfner, Head of Business Solutions at InterNations, recently presented a TED-style talk to an audience of more than 1,300 people in Hamburg, Germany. The talk was aimed at global mobility professionals and focused on how to combat expat assignment failure. Through an expat story, Häfner highlighted the serious challenges foreign assignees face and how global mobility professionals can address these to improve foreign assignments.

How Companies Can Combat Assignment Failure

Note: The stories and names used in this presentation do not reflect real people or events and are purely used to convey the expat perspective in the global mobility context.

About InterNations Business Solutions
InterNations Business Solutions provides expert insights and personalized solutions for global mobility and HR professionals to ensure successful foreign assignments and improved international talent retention. InterNations is the world’s largest expat network with 3.4 million members and 420 communities worldwide. Through the InterNations Corporate Membership, expat employees are empowered to quickly and easily integrate abroad through peer-to-peer support.

About Theresa Häfner
Theresa Häfner is Head of Business Solutions at InterNations. She headed the launch of the Business Solutions Division in 2018. Häfner has nine years’ experience in the expat field and working with international teams. Having lived abroad for long periods of her career, she knows the challenges of relocation first-hand. She is an expert in the field of global talent mobility.

Caroline Harsch
Caroline Harsch
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