Roundup of Global Talent Mobility Events in September

07 Oct 2019

The InterNations Business Solutions Team delivered presentations at key global mobility and international HR events during the month of September. Ingo Priebsch (Team Lead), Julia Benz (Senior Consultant), Lindsay Lydon (Senior Consultant), and Andreea Mihalache (Consultant) represented InterNations Business Solutions at events in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Global_HR_Talks_InterNations Business SolutionsGlobal HR Talks

11 September 2019, Munich (Germany)

In collaboration with German insurer BARMER, InterNations Business Solutions kicked off the first edition of the Global HR Talks. This new event series is aimed at fostering new thinking on key HR topics in international environments. With an insightful program of presentations and a panel discussion, the event provided attendees with information on global HR experiences and challenges. Ingo and Julia shared the latest data findings from the Expat Insider 2019 Business Edition to provide attendees with a better understanding of the relocating and integration needs of global employees.

Ingo Priebsch and Julia Benz - InterNations Business SolutionsZukunft Personal Europe 2019

19 September 2019, Cologne (Germany)

Ingo and Julia also represented InterNations Business Solutions at Zukunft Personal Europe 2019, a leading HR trade fair. While speaking at the XING booth, they shared their insights and expertise on the topic of employee onboarding as a balancing act. The duo highlighted the challenges faced by international HR teams when recruiting and onboarding international talent. To find out more about this topic, read their opinion piece: International Onboarding: Balancing Out an Unbalanced Offer.

Xing New Work Sessions Zurich InterNations Business SolutionsXING New Work Sessions

25 September 2019, Zürich (Switzerland)

With the focus on the future of work, the XING New Work Sessions provide attendees with innovative presentations and discussions from experts and practitioners. Ingo and Julia facilitated a workshop on the integration of international hires in Switzerland, discussing the challenges that global employees face and how HR professionals can better support them. The presentation included key findings from the recently released Expat Insider 2019 Business Edition and was followed by an interactive session on best practices and innovations.

InterNations Business Solutions - Next Gen GM EventNext Gen GM Event

26 September 2019, London (UK)

The focus of Next Gen GM is to support the next generation of global mobility professionals by offering an open environment for members to discuss concerns and successes. Lindsay and Andreea presented the latest findings from the Expat Insider 2019 Business Edition. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion which explored how the relocation experience impacts an employee at work, their mental well-being, as well as their family life. 

Upcoming Events

InterNations Business Solutions is participating in the Germany-wide HR Fitness Club event series, founded by Arne Prieß, Managing Director of HR Contrast. The topics covered in the event series are structured around the theme of change management. It kicked off in Munich on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 where Ingo discussed the concept and benefits of peer-to-peer networks.

The next HR Fitness Club events will take place on:

  • 09.10.19: Köln (CMS, Kranhaus 1, Im Zollhafen 18)
  • 17.10.19: Stuttgart (Wirtschaftsförderung Region, Friedrichstrasse 10)
  • 22.10.19: Frankfurt (CMS, Neue Mainzer Strasse 2-4)
  • 23.10.19: Hamburg (Son, Caffamacherreihe 16)
  • 24.10.19: Berlin (CMS, Lennéstrasse 7)

The event is free of charge, but only for invited guests. If you would like to attend, please contact Ingo Priebsch, Team Lead Business Solutions at InterNations.

Caroline Harsch
Caroline Harsch
Media Spokesperson

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