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Media Highlights, Fall/Winter 2019

11 Dec 2018

InterNations Business Solutions was launched in October 2018 in Munich, Germany, by the global expat network InterNations. Shortly after, the new division released a new report, the Expat Insider 2018 Business Edition. Read how business and trade media as well as corporate publishers have been responding to these events.  

Handelsblatt: Wie eine XING-Tochter Konzernen dabei hilft, sich besser um ihre Mitarbeiter im Ausland zu kümmern
Politicians across the world with a reputation for separation are chasing after votes – with increasing success. For companies, this evolution raises concerns, as they are dependent upon sending highly qualified employees on global assignments. As the motivation to relocate abroad wanes, employers increasingly rely on InterNations, a social network for expats. Until now, each expat had to pay the membership fee out of their own pockets. Now, InterNations is entering the B2B market and offering a membership which is paid for by employers. More...

HR Technologist: InterNations launches new global talent mobility solution
In 2018, millions of professionals relocated to another country, because they were hired by an international employer or sent on a global assignment. Employers pay a considerable amount of money to organize relocations. Yet, companies may pay an even bigger price for neglecting one of the most sensitive aspects of a relocation — the expat’s social integration. InterNations is now launching a solution which fills this gap with a powerful yet cost-efficient innovation.  More...

Die Welt: Firmen fördern das Wohlfühlen im Ausland
For expats, i.e. professionals working abroad, settling into the new environment can cause problems. Especially the spouses who join them for life abroad can have a hard time making new connections. Some corporations are addressing this problem now. By cooperation with the expat network InterNations, they want to contribute to their employees' well-being abroad. Expats can meet and communicate via a forum in 420 cities from Dubai to Peking. Every month, the communities host 6.000 events and activities, according to InterNations. The first corporate partners include Volkswagen, Merck and Cigna. More...

Personalwirtschaft: Expats wünschen sich mehr Hilfe beim Einleben
A new report explores how expats – both international assignees, international hires as well as relocating spouses – cope with their relocation and if they are happy with the support which they receive from their employers. It seems as if there is room for improvement, especially with the social integration. More than three thirds of employees on global assignments, international hires and relocating spouses are generally happy with their life abroad. However, needs are not met which would make the experience abroad and the settling in easier. Two thirds of the expats would like to receive a membership in an expat organization – only eight percent receive this type of support. More...

ADP Personal: Global Mobility: Neue Lösung für Entsendung und zur Integration ausländischer Fachkräfte
The expat network InterNations has launched a new business unit for employers: InterNations Business Solutions develops and markets B2B solutions for the global mobility market and for companies hiring and retaining international talent. InterNations was founded in 2007, is part of the XING corporation and supports people who live and work abroad. InterNations Business Solutions targets companies that seek to improve their international recruiting and expat support. The solution was designed to reinforce existing integration activities, help international assignees settle in abroad, and ease the administrative load of Global Mobility and HR teams. More... Expats fühlen sich sozial isoliert
Employers are offering a large choice of services to support employees during a relocation. In terms of employee satisfaction, most efforts to support expats are successful: More than three quarters of all expats who were questioned for the report Expat Insider 2018 said that they were generally happy with their life abroad. However, the report also states clearly where relocation requires action: More than sixty percent of the survey participants would like to receive more opportunities for socializing. The need for networking opportunities and a membership in an expat organization is equally strong. If there are no opportunities for social interaction, this has a direct impact on the employees' well-being. More... 

Arbeit & Arbeitsrecht: So gelingt die Integration von Expats
The term "Global Talent Mobility" keeps gaining momentum.  It refers to people who, for professional reasons, move abroad and start a new life. The so-called expats undergoing a relocation rely on the support of their employers. And employers, too, are interested in the well-being of their expats. Which needs are typical for the different groups of global talents? How do they perceive the support they receive from their employers and where do they see the need additional support? A new report explores how globally mobile employees cope with the emotional and social aspects of a relocation. More...

XING Schweiz: Wie sieht die Zukunft des Schweizer Recruiting aus? 
At this year's XING Feel@Home in Zurich, InterNations Co-CEO Malte Zeeck talked to HR professionals about the new approach to retaining international talent. This blog post from XING Switzerland shares highlights from the event and video footage. More...

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