Media Highlights: Brexit, Diversity, and Relocation Support from a Local Perspective

12 Jun 2019

Explore the latest coverage about InterNations Business Solutions and our recently published report Expat Insider Business Edition Country Focus. 

Relocate Global: Brexit: Can expat communities contribute to a positive employee experience?

Geopolitical events, like Brexit, are a challenge for global mobility and HR professionals. They present daunting logistical, legal, and organisational issues — and threaten positive employee experience. With the world now more connected through professional and social networks and technology, the number of tools available for employers looking to safeguard and enhance their globally mobile employees’ experience has grown. More... Benefits for international hires: Germany lags behind international competition 

A lack of specialists in the labor market, war for talents: Germany suffers from a deficit in its pool of specialized workers. Increasingly, employers are hiring international candidates to replenish their workforce, or invite employees from their international locations to come to Germany on foreign assignments. While this is a positive trend, it raises many questions: How about the well-being of the employees moving here? How do they feel about the support they receive from their employers? What do they wish for? And how does Germany compare to other countries in terms of expat support? More...(article in German) Foreign assignees and international hires miss support 

Foreign assignees in Germany receive more support from their employers than international hires, yet both groups feel they do not get enough support. Satisfaction levels among expats are lowest in Germany, as comparison of nine industrial countries reveals. They find it hard to settle in and make new friends, according to a new report. More...(article in German) Heading for new shores: Working abroad (Interview with Malte Zeeck, Co-Founder and CEO)

You have reached a point where you don't enjoy your work anymore. Not because it is bad work, but because it does not challenge you any longer. Have you thought about making your professional life more interesting by pursuing your career abroad? Learn the key facts about moving abroad for work and get answers to your most pressing questions from Malte Zeeck, Co-Founder and CEO of InterNations. More... (article in German) 

XING New Work Experience: Diversity issue: International hires complain about lack of support 

International hires in Germany lack support from their employers, both in terms of their move and the process of settling in. While international hires in other countries may benefit from practical and personal benefits, expats in this country miss out.  More... (article in German)

Expat News: Little support for international hires in Germany

International hires in Germany are often neglected by their employers. They do not receive enough support when moving and settling into the new country. In other countries, expats benefit from practical and personal types of support. More... (article in German)

Relocate Global: Overseas assignees getting the "raw deal" in the UK 

InterNations, the global expat network, found that both overseas assignees and international hires (people who find a job abroad on their own or are hired by a local company), as well as any 'trailing spouses', fared less well in the UK than the support on offer in many other countries."Countries such as the Netherlands excel in supporting global employees," says the latest Expat Insider Business Edition Country Focus report. More...

HR Dive: Missing benefits for international hires in the USA

International Hires in the USA do not seem to be well supported by their employers when it comes to relocation. While foreign assignees are more likely to receive practical support, such as the organized move or a lump-sum payment, international hires are left behind. More...

Relocate Global: Exploring peer-to-peer support: an innovative – and essential – expat safety net (Interview with Theresa Häfner and Lindsay Lydon)

Relocation is not all policy and compliance. How many of us truly pay attention to those spaces – both physical and mental – in-between home and host locations for international assignees and their families? (Interview with Theresa Häfner and Lindsay Lydon, InterNations Business Solutions) More...

Worldwide ERCStriking a balance between practical and personal relocation support 

Foreign assignees receive more comprehensive assistance than relocating spouses when it comes to moving abroad for work, however personal aspects of support are largely lacking for both expat types. These are some of the findings from the recently released Expat Insider 2018 Business Edition Country Focus, an InterNations Business Solutions report zooming in on these expats in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, and the USA. 

Relocate Global: Peer-to-peer empowerment: A win-win solution

Peer-to-peer support is an important tool for professionals who manage a high-performing global workforce. Theresa Häfner and Lindsay Lydon, from social community platform and business provider InterNations Business Solutions, outline the benefits of connecting the dots between peer-to-peer empowerment and global talent mobility. More...

Human Resources Online: Are your expats happy with their relocation support? 

The majority of foreign assignees were happy with their life in Hong Kong, with only 11% indicated the opposite. However, when asked whether they feel at home in the local culture, less than half were satisfied while 26% experienced dissatisfaction. This could be explained by the fact that half of them expressed that making local friends in Hong Kong was not an easy task. More...

Worldwide ERC: Social integration support: A real need for international hires 

Providing international hires with personal support to ease their social integration abroad should be a key focus for all HR teams that are responsible for international talent acquisition and retention. Global employees need to feel at home abroad, and if employers don’t help them with this aspect of expat life — taking the focus beyond work — there is a great risk of unhappy employees, low productivity levels, and talent loss. More...

personal schweiz: New report about international hires: Little support from employers

Foreign assignees in Switzerland receive more support from their employers than international hires, but both groups need better offers, especially with regards to networking opportunities. More...(article in German)

HR Manager: How to integrate international hires successfully (Interview with Theresa Häfner)

Many companies struggling with a lack of specialists are expanding their recruiting efforts to other countries. If they seek to keep these international hires long-term, they need to invest in their integration -- and not just within the working life. What type of expecations do international hires have towards their employees? More...(article in German)

HR Technologist: International Hires Need (More) Balanced Relocation Benefits

What types of relocation support do international hires receive and want from employers? How do these benefits compare to what foreign assignees receive? Theresa Häfner, Head of Business Solutions at InterNations, shares findings from a recently released expat report. More...

Spiegel Online: Expat Wives: When the career ends at age 27 (Interview with Theresa Häfner)

They have an excellent education, they have great jobs — until they follow their partner abroad. How do women expats cope with giving up their careers? More...(article in German) 

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