InterNations Opens Six New Expat Communities in China

13 Jun 2018

 Expats keep moving to China, as a recently published study by market research company Finaccord shows. According to their research, the number of expatriates in the country is steadily growing and is predicted to exceed one million in the near future. “The results of our annual Expat Insider survey clearly show that it is China’s booming job market which continues to draw expats to the country,” explains Malte Zeeck, InterNations Founder and Co-CEO. “In fact, 55 percent of respondents living in the country moved for their own or their partner’s career, compared to only 41 percent of expats doing the same on a global level.”


With more than 75,000 InterNations members as of June 2018, the member base in China has grown by around 42 percent since 2015. “In order to satisfy this high demand, we opened new communities inChangchun, Chengdu, Dalian, Nanjing, Qingdao, and Shenyang,” says Malte Zeeck, “and within just a couple of weeks, up to 800 members joined per new community.” The network is now present in 14 cities across China. In addition to its online services, InterNations Communities allow members to personally meet other expats and global minds. During after-work events and activities based on shared interests, they make friends, find business contacts, and build the personal network that many expats are missing.

China among the Top 10 for Economy and Labor Market

While overall China ranks a low 55th out of 65 destinations worldwide in the latest Expat Insider survey, expats seem to be satisfied with their work life (21st) as well as personal finance (6th). In fact, they considered the economy and labor market to be the biggest advantage to moving to China (57% vs. 45% globally), ranking the country among the top 10 for this factor. And it seems like they were right, as 73 percent of expats rate the state of the economy favorably. More than half the expats working in the country (53%) believe that their income is higher in China than it would be in a similar position back home.

Despite the longer than average full-time work week (45.5h vs. 44.3h globally), about seven in ten expats in China (69%) state to be satisfied with their job overall. Maybe it is the feeling of having a secure job that adds to expats satisfaction: 65 percent are happy with that factor, compared to 57 percent globally. China also appears to offer great career prospects, as 64 percent of expats rate this factor positively — eleven percentage points more than the global average (53%). An Italian expat highlights that “there are many working opportunities”.

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Caroline Harsch
Caroline Harsch
Media Spokesperson

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