Why Employers Need to Strengthen Global Employees

What are we seeing in 2019, in terms of global talent mobility trends?

According to Andy Smailes, Director of Global Business Development at Ineo, 2018 witnessed ‘’a changing face of global mobility, with political and economic changes creating a series of challenges that drove to the heart of global mobility’s core and accentuating its importance’’. With his extensive experience in the global mobility industry, Smailes sees the importance of talent mobility increasing even further in 2019, and thinks that strengthening global employees is a key focus area for employers.

He says: "Looking to both company goals and employee career goals are essential to build up talent potential and retain this post assignment. This has resulted in global mobility having a greater weight in the boardroom as more senior and board-level personnel have come through assignments and thus recognize the value of international assignments as career paths early in the career".

But it isn’t only the development of global employees that needs to be in focus, with Smailes suggesting that global mobility professionals also require more support: "This rise in the importance of global mobility has created a need for greater support networks for mobility professionals — such as the mobility events group Next Gen GM who dedicate events to those with ten years or less experience".

In this progressively globalized business and global talent mobility landscape, employers should focus on strengthening their global employees, while also providing increased support to their global mobility teams.

Read the full Ask the Expert article by Andy Smailes about the seven most important focus areas for global talent mobility in 2019.

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