How New Work Addresses International HR Challenges

Xenia Meuser, VP Human Resources at XING, and her team have been driving HR work forward in the spirit of New Work and are accompanying the dynamic growth of the company.

She defines New Work as being about creating an environment where people can do what they really, really want to do. "The dimensions of New Work are to be purpose-driven and offer a culture of trust, psychological security, autonomy, and self-responsibility. This, combined with the aspect of digitalization that offers opportunities like the mobile office and remote work, as well as automatization that help employees to focus more on the value-added aspects of their tasks," she explains.

Here are 3 reasons why New Work is important in an international HR context and the benefits of this approach:

  1. Due to the global war for talent, companies have to offer an attractive work environment to international hires. Employees want to perform, and they know what they individually need to perform. Companies are well advised to understand what drives employees and to give them tasks that fit.

  2. Employees choose the employer that offers a challenge that meets their strengths best and offer the best support and benefits that are in line with their needs. This is applicable to support both inside and outside of the workplace — on a professional level but also on a personal level. For example, supporting international hires with their onboarding and integration in the work environment, but also with their social integration in their new home country. It's also not only applicable to the new employee. The company has to also care about the whole family of the newbie. It starts with the relocation, helping to find the right schools, new friendships etc.

  3. Another trend of New Work is that people want more and more flexibility and part-time options. It is necessary to offer different working models and benefits like sabbaticals and holiday+ as XING does. Furthermore, international workforces often offer more diversity. And diversity is the basis for innovation and success.

Xenia's advice to HR managers? "To open their mind to the opportunities that New Work brings."

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