A Look Back: 2019's Expert Views

As 2019 draws to a close, it's only fitting to reflect on the year that was, the opinions shared, and the new insights on various topics around global talent mobility.

A Look Back: 15 of 2019's Expert Interviews and Opinion Pieces

7 Hot Focus Areas for Global Talent Mobility in 2019

For the first Ask the Expert of 2019, InterNations Business Solutions asked the global mobility expert and influencer Andy Smailes what he considers, in his own view, the seven most important focus areas for global talent mobility to be in 2019. 

“Strengthening the Expat Partner — the Backbone of Assignment Success”

Katharina von Knobloch, an Expat Partner Coach supporting women in transition around the world, answered some key questions about relocating spouses and why they need to be better managed and supported by employers.

‘’Assignee Preparation and Ongoing Support are Critical to Assignment Success’’

Dinesh Jangra, Head of Global Mobility at Crowe UK, shared his insights into the challenges employers face when managing a global workforce, and the critical aspects of support that foreign assignees require in order to carry out successful global assignments.

5 Small Things That Make or Break Global Assignment Success

Aperian Global's Jesse Rowell and Tessah Clark shared their insights on how employers can better support global employees and provided top tips to help ensure foreign assignment success.

''Employers Need to Think Outside the Box When it Comes to International Recruiting''

Jovana Vranic, HR Manager Technical Recruiting at XING, answered seven questions about recruiting and retaining international talent, and outlined the onboarding and integration support that employers need to provide to international hires and their relocating spouses. 

“The Availability (or Lack) of Emotional Support can Make (or Break) a Foreign Assignment”

Katia Vlachos, Expat Transition Coach and Author, answered seven questions about why employers need to take a holistic approach to the relocation and integration support they offer to foreign assignees and their partners.

Note to Employers: Keep Up with the Needs (and Demands) of Millennials Abroad

Ingo Priebsch, Business Solutions Team Lead at InterNations, shared his take on Millennials as part of the global workforce and why it is beneficial for employers to keep up with their needs — and sometimes demands.

Relocation Support: Striking the Right Balance Between Standardizing and Localizing

Malte Zeeck, Founder and Co-CEO of InterNations, the world’s largest global expat network, talked about why taking a globally local approach is crucial for employers who hire internationally and send employees abroad, and how this concept has provided the key to success for InterNations.

3 Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

Christa Fellner, HR Team Lead at InterNations, wrote about the advantages of building a diverse workforce, and how embracing and celebrating diversity has shaped InterNations as a company.

‘’Employers Need to Put Themselves in the Shoes of their Global Employees’’

Dominic Niebler, Startup Consultant with statutory health insurance provider, BARMER, shared his expert views on how organizations can better promote the health and well-being of their global employees.

“Higher Chance of Assignment Failure when the Partner Does Not Have Access to Employment”

For the Permits Foundation, getting working rights for partners and spouses abroad is crucial. Michiel van Campen, Director of this not-for-profit organization, answered seven questions about the impact of partner support on the acceptance and success of foreign assignments.

“Moving Families Well Is Extremely Important”

At Relocate Global’s Think Relocate Awards in London, the International School of London (ISL) won the 2019 Relocate Award for the School Providing Outstanding Relocation Support. The award recognized the school’s significant contribution to the successful relocation of learners, their families, as well as faculty members. Claudine Hakim, who is Head of Admissions, Transitions, and External Relations at ISL, shared her expertise on how to support expats and why creating a sense of community and belonging for them is so important.

Turn Superficial Expat Support into Real Expat Support

In this opinion piece, Lindsay Lydon, Senior Business Solutions Consultant at InterNations, explained why employers should support expat employees in having a well-functioning life while working abroad.

“Transparent Expectation Management Is Key to a Solid Expat Strategy"

Dr. Joerg Bueechl, a professor of human resource management and an expert in the field of internationalization and expat strategies, answered seven questions about the risks of recruiting international talent and how to convert them into opportunities through the development of solid expat strategies.

"Employers Underestimate the Impact of Employer Branding"

Jean-Luc Arpaia, Senior Customer Success Manager at XING and employer branding enthusiast, answered seven questions about employer branding. He provided insights into why it is crucial and how companies can go about to position themselves as top international employers.

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