7 Reasons for Assignment Failure and How to Overcome It

With more than a decade of experience working globally and supporting foreign assignees, Jesse Rowell, Managing Director of Global Mobility and Market Development at Aperian Global, knows the importance of relocation support and why employers should go the extra mile in supporting global employees. Rowell identified key reasons causing assignment risk and ultimately failure.

7 Reasons for Assignment Failure

  1. Family-related issues of the assignee
  2. The inability of the assignee to adapt to the host location
  3. Poor processes around choosing candidates for assignments
  4. Job expectations that have not been met
  5. A lack of integration support and inadequate onboarding 
  6. Varying mobility policies and budgets from company to company, and even by type of assignment
  7. The deep disconnect in many companies between mobility departments and overall talent development.  

How Can this Be Addressed by Organizations?

"Companies and mobility professionals should listen to their expats. They should conduct surveys with them to find out what could be better, and what is missing in terms of relocation support that would have helped. This information should then be fed back into talent development, where greater visibility and awareness can lead to more support for assignees and for mobility departments," says Rowell.

Read Jesse Rowell's full Ask the Expert interview about why having added support with integration is more vital than onboarding.

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