5 Top Tips to Build a Strong International Employer Brand

Employer branding comprises transparency, communication, and authenticity, says Jean-Luc Arpaia, Senior Customer Success Manager at XING and employer branding enthusiast.

According to him, the past years have been all about the candidate-driven market — not the employer-driven market with candidates deciding where they want to work. "They want an employer that allows them to feel like they have purpose and that has values in line with their own," he stated in a recent Ask the Expert interview.

He also outlined the core challenges that employers face, such as defining whether employer branding is a marketing topic or a recruiting topic, who the project team is, as well getting the backing and buy-in of the management team.

Another challenge he outlined is to get an idea of what motivates the target group. "It could differ according to different countries, locations, and business units. There needs to be an individual approach, and this is challenging," he explained.

Here are his top tips to employers to address employee branding challenges:

  1. Start by knowing who you are, because many companies don’t have clarity on this. You want the candidate or employee to fall in love with the company and have a strong relationship.

  2. Define your EVP — your employer value proposition. What are your benefits and what do you offer that makes you stand out?

  3. Know what you want. Define the target group and create candidate personas. For example, there will be different needs and frustrations for those working in IT than those working in Sales.

  4. Know where to find candidates — what different channels to use and how to communicate to the different target groups.

  5. There are differences in attracting and retaining talent, but for both emotional storytelling is important. Trigger emotions and don't just convey facts. Having a story behind the people or the company through testimonials and personal stories is very important.

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