3 Key Facts on Gaining (and Retaining) Millennial Talent

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are forecast to make up around 35% of the global workforce in 2020. With new generations come new mindsets, values and needs in the workplace. Ingo Priebsch, Team Lead at InterNations Business Solutions, highlights 3 key facts about this new generation of international hires and foreign assignees that HR and global mobility professionals should consider to gain and retain talent.

  1. Millennials Prioritize Family Over Work

    Many Millennials put their partners and kids ahead of their careers. Young, well-educated Millennial mothers and fathers want to find a way to balance their career expectations and parental responsibilities. An employer that helps foreign assigned and internationally hired Millennial parents to strike this balance will be the most attractive to work and travel for.

  2. Flexibility and Authenticity are Key for Millennials

    Millennials desire personal and authentic attention. Employers have to offer flexibility in expat packages and not be limited to a one-size-fits-all “toolbox” and approach. This includes assisting them with more personal aspects of life abroad, such as active support with their social integration.

  3. Workplace Well-Being is a Top Priority

    Millennials are not willing to sacrifice as much for the job as previous generations may have. For them, enjoyment and well-being generally play more important roles — which is exactly why global mobility and HR teams need to tailor the benefits offered to them.

Employers that support Millennials abroad beyond just the workplace and tailor support to their needs, could see the impact that this has on the organization’s success.

Read the full Opinion Piece by Ingo Priebsch, Team Lead at InterNations Business Solutions, to find out more about how HR and Global Mobility teams should shift their focus to attract and retain millennial international hires and foreign assignees.