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Impactful Solutions for
HR Professionals

Get tailored support with the onboarding and retention of international hires and offer them a comprehensive expat package at a low cost.

Improved International Talent Management

With InterNations Business Solutions you can support your international hires through peer-to-peer empowerment and ensure more successful talent acquisition and retention.

Better Package Offerings

Better Package

While global mobility programs are all-encompassing, international hires lack support. Offer them a comprehensive expat package to make them feel better supported.

Increased Talent Retention

Increased Talent

Retaining talent remains HR’s biggest concern. Reduce the risk of turnover by improving the onboarding of international hires and better integrating them.

More Cost-Effective Recruiting

More Cost-Effective Recruiting

Hiring the right people is costly. Ensure that your international talent acquisition is successful and sustainable with a cost-effective solution.

More Efficient Processes

More Efficient

Do you want to optimize your international talent acquisition and retention? Save time by offering international hires peer-to-peer support and social integration.

A Strengthened  Employer Brand

A Strengthened
Employer Brand

For 80% of HR managers, employer branding impacts their ability to hire great talent. Be seen as a top employer by providing solid onboarding and social integration support.

Find out how InterNations Business Solutions can address your specific needs.

The Missing Link to Employee Onboarding and Integration

As a trusted companion, InterNations addresses the individual needs of expats. With the InterNations Corporate Membership your international hires are empowered to master the most critical onboarding phase and their social integration. 

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Addressing Employee Needs

Access to socializing opportunities, a personal support network, and additional spouse support are important needs of international hires and their partners.

of international hires are unhappy due to a lack of personal support

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of international hires miss access to local socializing opportunities

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of the relocating partners miss additional spouse support

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Personalized Support for Employees

The InterNations Corporate Membership helps your international hires and their families quickly and easily adapt to their new home country.

Peer-to-Peer Support


Over 6,500 selected community leaders make them feel welcome and other members share helpful advice — for faster integration.

Networking Opportunities


They can connect with more than 3.5 million members of all nationalities worldwide — online and face-to-face.

Events and Activities

Events and

They can participate in 6,000 monthly socializing opportunities in 420 cities — to meet other expats and locals in real life.

Expat Guides and Exchange


They can learn everything about their new home — from personal finance to healthcare and security.

Find out how InterNations Business Solutions can support you and your international employees.

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